Kennel Garamiya, breeder of Salukis.

Our kennels ambition is to breed healthy and functional dogs.

My first saluki came to me in 1980 from a rescue center, Abdish, he made me fall in love with the breed and ever since I have had at least one saluki by my side at all time.

My second saluki came to me in 1986, Windswift Luke el Hindiyas. Short after, in 1987, Caravan Felanya, she was my first bitch, born in 1985 in the home of Lotta Brun in Norway.

Later, in 1990, Felanya became the mother of my first litter, from that litter I kept one bitch, Garamiyas Faqi.

It wasn't until 2001 the next saluki joined the family, a lovely bitch named Dar el Hindiyas Jaliya al Garamiyas (From Gerd Andersson , Dar el Hindiya).

Jaliya had two litters, the G-litter in 2004 and the A-litter in 2009. From the G-litter I kept three puppies, two males, Ghandoor and Ghaffar, and one bitch, Ghannouj.

Also from the A-litter I kept three puppies, two bithes, Attalet Heya and Alkhaams Heya, but only one male, Arraaba Huwa.