Arraaba Huwa

  • Born in 2009

Arraaba Huwa, known as Abbe, is a charming gentleman who you can have long and deep conversations with. He is very curious and will pay close attention to what you are doing, be it hammering in a nail he will keep a close eye to it almost making it difficult to hit the nail instead of his nose. He is very friendly and also very verbal, if he is unhappy you will know about it. If he is happy you will definitely know about it from his happy roars!


  • Västerås, 2012, racing, 2nd place
  • Västerås, 2011, racing, 1st place
  • Västerås, 2011, racing, 2nd place
  • Åkersberga, 2011, racing, 1st place
  • Racing License