SE LCCH Rounaq

Garamiyas Rounaq, known as Enya, was born in 2015 and is a very energetic little girl who loves to work and be involved. She is a great lure coursing dog with full focus on getting the lure, the ”problem” is getting her away from the lure as she’s learnt the technique to lock the lure in with her legs! She will use her legs and paws for most things, especially for getting attention by kicking us.

At home Enya relaxes on top of the sofa backs like a cat or cuddles in with her mum or uncle. She is easy to teach and is happy to learn. Outside Enya never stops looking for prey, she is constantly scanning the enviroment.

  • ECC 2019, Estonia, 4th place
  • LC NAT Torne, 2017, 1st place, CERT
  • LC NAT Katrineholm, 2019, 1st place, CERT
  • LC NAT Boden, 2019, 2nd place, CERT